• Rick McClelland

    Videographer. Editor. Storyteller.

  • The Benefits Of Telling Your Story

    "Good stories always beat spreadsheets."

    - Chris Sacca, famous early investor in platforms like Twitter, Uber, and Instagram


    "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."

    Simon Sinek, five-time author and motivational speaker

    Storytelling is the most effective form

    of communication humanity has.

    For thousands of years, both oral and visual storytellers have held an exalted place in societies worldwide. Our ancestors painted pictures on cave walls; Greek and Roman orators like Socrates and Cicero made careers out of speaking to crowds; Native Americans storytellers and Icelandic skálds passed down their lessons and histories in the form of stories; and today the world is filled with journalists, filmmakers, and novelists who all seek to share and expand upon the human experience, which is unique for all of us.

    What makes the the best stories so memorable?

    The answer is simple: Characters.

    You need to look no further than iconic franchises like The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter,

    or Star Wars to see this dynamic at work. Even our collective fascination with

    Tiger King can be attributed to the presence of great characters.


    People love these stories because of the unique characters within them, the journeys they took, and the obstacles they overcame along the way. Stories without strongly motivated characters and conflicts often flounder. People connect best with other people, making character-centric stories the kind with the most powerful, lasting results.

    Analytics back up the power of

    video storytelling in a BIG way.

    We've all watched a viral video and seen incredible stories of people overcoming huge obstacles in their personal lives. The simple fact is that video content spreads further and faster than any other type on the Internet. There is no quicker way to expand your personal brand or business than by creating compelling, story-driven content.


    I can tell you from personal experience tracking analytics at my current job that video posts on our social media platforms bring in double the engagement as the next closest post type, photos. Oftentimes the disparity is even larger.


    Just check out some of these eye-popping statistics:

    By 2022, 82% of global internet traffic will come from video streams and downloads.



    Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.



    80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales.



    84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.


    What kind of story can best fit your marketing needs?

    Whether you're an individual, business, or non-profit, you can benefit from having

    your story told properly. To that end, below are three big types of

    stories that can provide huge benefits when properly told.


    These aren't the only type of stories or videos I do, but they are some of the most powerful.

    Once they are in your toolbox they can be used over and over again to

    connect with people, build your brand, and achieve your goals.

    Origin Story

    This is a story that tells how a business, brand, or idea came to life. What problem did you set out to solve and how have you accomplished that over time, from your beginnings to where you are today?

    Why Story

    This is a story that gets at something deeper, the motivations and drive behind why you've set

    out on the journey to do what you do. Why do you wake up in the morning and

    continue on your path?

    Impact Story

    This is a story that shows the positive impacts that your product, service, or organization has made in advancement of your mission. How has the work you've done created positive outcomes for your target audience or the world at large?

    Everyone has a meaningful story to tell -

    including YOU!

    Many people have doubts or are hesitant to put themselves out there at first. I promise I get it and understand because I AM THE SAME WAY. The video you see at the top of this site wasn't easy for me to do at first, because despite telling many other people's stories, I was very reluctant to tell mine.


    In the end though, I'm glad I did. I truly believe there is something out there that EACH PERSON can add to the world, and I'm here to help you share yours through the power of video. If you're willing to be open and vulnerable, the benefits of telling your story can extend to many other areas of your life.


    If you've never really been on camera before or don't have much experience, don't sweat it! I will work with you and others within your organization not only to ensure you look and sound good, but that you're comfortable throughout. Interviewees often forget the camera is even there!


    I'd love to chat more about the potential for the story you have to share with the world and how I can help bring it to life, so feel free to reach out! If you're interested in watching some more of my work and the results that it has helped generate for clients, keep scrolling.

  • The Buried Badge

    • This is a story about a 100+ year old sheriff's office badge that a man dug up in the woods and the journey to discover both its origins and the story of the person who wore it.

    • History is one of my passions and telling this story was an awesome experience from start to finish.

    • The Buried Badge won a Suncoast Emmy Award in the Historical category, which was my a huge first for me so it will always hold a special place in both my career and heart.

    ImPower of Central Florida

    • This video was made for the non-profit ImPower of Central Florida, an organization that provides transitional housing to at-risk youth who are struggling or transitioning out of foster care, giving them support and a safe place to live.

    • It was originally created to help them raise money at their annual breakfast and it succeeded: they raised almost TRIPLE the amount they were expecting.

    • These results showcase what the power of video and storytelling can do for you or your organization and the biggest advantage is that they can continue to use it as part of their promotion and branding year-round in the future.

    Our Six Heroes

    • This 30-minute documentary, shot and edited over a period of two years, tells the stories of six local deputies who lost their lives in the line of duty.

    • The impact of this film was very emotional - one family thanked us for helping them find closure with their father's death, something they had been unable to do previously.

    • It's through heartfelt stories like these that I'm able to push harder and improve my craft. I can help you tell your own story in a similarly meaningful way.

    Opioid Recovery Initiative

    • In this story, a former opioid addict, Jacob Spencer, and his mother take us on their shared journey of recovery from a common addiction plaguing the entire country.

    • This video is part of a series of opioid awareness videos I helped create for the Seminole County Sheriff's Office in Florida. Sheriff Dennis Lemma served on the Attorney General's statewide opioid task force and this video messaging was crucial for spreading awareness and securing additional funding state-wide.

    • More videos from this series can be watched here.


    #ChooseHopeStory was part of a collective effort of over 250 filmmakers across the globe to share stories of compassion and unity amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    • I was a very small contributor in this film, with only a few shots making it into the final piece. Even so, my involvement throughout the process holds a special place in my heart.

    • Stories like this one are what I most desire to emulate in my own work and serve as an inspiration to me personally.

  • My Process

    Here's an outline of my process. Once we begin working together, we will be in communication throughout

    to ensure that expectations are clear and that you find yourself ecstatic about the final result!


    Initial Interview

    No cameras or lights yet. We just meet and talk about you, your journey and goals,

    and set expectations for what you're hoping to accomplish with your video.


    Keywords | Proposal

    I take what we spoke about and design a roadmap of your story and brand keywords. These aren't set in stone - we will collaborate and refine them together!



    Once we know the exact direction we are heading, we schedule video shooting days to capture everything that will be

    necessary to make an awesome product!



    Now the lights and cameras come out. No worries - I'll work with you and anyone

    else to make things as smooth and

    comfortable as possible.

    It doesn't have to be intimidating!



    After there's a wrap on filming, I take the footage into the editing bay where the behind-the-scenes magic happens. All the bells and whistles are put on to

    make your video stand out.


    Review & Revisions

    The big moment! The initial cut is sent to you for review and any revisions that may be needed. Since we'll have kept in close contact, hopefully these should be few and you will be in love with the final product!

  • My Keywords

    These are the "secret sauce" words I use to guide my storytelling.


    Life is all about connections, both with each other and the broader world around us. My aim is to tell stories that connect with people deeply, on an emotional level, because that is where real depth of soul and authenticity are found.


    Finding out what makes other people tick is a natural inclination of mine. This tendency lends itself perfectly to storytelling, helping me understand the entire depth and breadth of a subject so I can best capture and portray it

    through video.


    Everyone goes through challenges in life - it’s how we respond that defines us. Whether you’re an individual, business, or non-profit, my goal is to tell your story of overcoming obstacles to create real, lasting value for the world - no matter how big or small that may be.


    Not every story is positive from start to finish, but I aim to always end on an uplifting note, a call to action that people will remember and be able to use in their own lives. The world can always use more positivity and good vibes and it's part of my job to create them!


    This is the key ingredient. When it’s lacking we feel aimless in life, like a hamster spinning around a wheel. I want to work with people or organizations that are excited about what they do because that is what will always translate to the most impactful stories.

  • About Rick

    Simply put, I'm a documentary-style filmmaker who enjoys working with subjects who have stories that can change and impact the world.


    My career started as a photojournalist at WTOV9, a small TV station in Steubenville, Ohio, where I "cut my teeth" in the industry covering local news and sports. Following that I worked in a similar position with WESH2 in Orlando, Florida, where I covered both local and national breaking news, including the Pulse Nightclub Tragedy, college bowl games, the 2016 presidential election, and much more. While doing all of the above I've also worked on a freelance basis shooting a wide variety of content including weddings, real estate, commercial and promotional content, and more.


    Currently I'm employed full-time as the Senior Multimedia Coordinator at the Seminole County Sheriff's Office near Orlando, helping them create a powerful storytelling narrative to connect with the local community, in addition to handling live events, boosting social media engagement, and interacting with local media partners to coordinate coverage.


    When I'm not busy shooting video and stills I love performing improv comedy (I can get you free tickets to our next show), playing in recreational sport leagues (frisbee, dodgeball, and kickball are my favorites), and just straight up enjoying the Florida sunshine, which is the main reason I moved here to start with.


    If you'd like a more official version, my resume can be viewed and downloaded here, and my direct email is here.



  • Contact Rick

    I'm here to help tell your or your organization's great story that's just waiting to be broadcast to the world.

    Don't hesitate to get in touch, ask questions about my work and the process to see if our

    collaboration will be the right fit, or even just to say hello. I'm always happy to help.